Porto Maravilha


Porto Maravilha is a large-scale redevelopment project launched in 2009 affecting the old harbour of Rio de Janeiro and some neighbouring areas. It comprises an area of around 5 million m² (500ha). This area is close to the main central business district and very central in the context of the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro. It is very well serviced by transport infrastructure and characterised by the presence of a rich historical and cultural heritage. The project aims to improve urban infrastructure and public services, recover historical buildings and sites, introduce new cultural attractions and touristic venues and enhance the supply of office, retail and residential spaces within the region.

Image above: Harbourside Building

District Map

Research Area, Porto Maravilha

District Details

The expressway (“Elevado da Perimetral”) along the harbour warehouses before the redevelopment project was started.

After the demolition of the expressway a pedestrian boulevard was constructed.

View of the pedestrian boulevard after completion of public works.

The renewal of Mauá Square, with the construction of the Museum of Tomorrow in the background.

Mauá Square after renovation works.

The Rio Art Museum is located next to Mauá Square.

A spectacular structure on the waterfront: the Museum of Tomorrow.

The area is served by a new light rail transit line.

Evictions in Morro da Providencia to enable the construction of a future cable car system.

Evictions in Morro da Providencia for the widening of squares.

Glass facades: new real estate developments.

View on the port district.