Central City North District



The Central City District North used to be a degenerated industrial estate and railyard. In the late-1980s, the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment selected this area to be redeveloped within the frame of a series of national Key Projects. These projects were the result of a new form of spatial planning policy of the national government, in which the national government was directly involved in urban redevelopment at project level. Prior to the commencement of the Key Projects, the planning tools of the national government had a generic character: rules and financial instruments simply shaped the conditions for local developments. By stepping in and assuming an active position, the national government embraced the concept of project-led development and set the stage for integrated urban development. As for the Central City District North, this project comprised the second part of a Key Project adjacent to Amersfoort’s railway station. The regeneration of the area (34ha) began in 2008, and was completed in 2015. Today the Central City District North includes 1,200 dwellings, 215,000 sqm of office space, 10,000 sqm of retail space, and cultural and leisure facilities such as a cinema, a museum, and the city’s archives.

District Map

Research Area, Central City District

District Details

A variety of functions have been developed north of the Amersfoort rail track including housing, schools, a cinema, and retail.

Several departments of Dutch ministries are based in this remarkable building.

A combined rail and bike bridge across the river Eem. The bridge marks the southern end of the Central City District North.

Different styles of architecture on the dwellings built in the area.

Dutch food stall on the left, cultural facility ‘Eemhuis’ on the right.

With its shops and leisure facilities, the Eem Square (‘Eemplein’) serves as the district’s social centre.

Some areas in the district remain vacant.

The municipality has allowed the temporary usage of various vacant plots such as an open air theatre as seen here.

One of the main roads to Amersfoort’s city centre runs right through the Central City District.

An example of a residential area in the district. A number of areas such as these can be found in the neighborhood.