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Follow the Money

Invite to the iBuild Conference in Leeds, UK Dr David Williams | Image: The transport System of Provision in the UK. Whilst I was completing my PhD the University of the West of England’s library changed its policy on what it did with completed PhD theses. Whereas my...

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Giving our findings an Eire-ing

Disseminating PARCOUR to transport researchers at UTSG Dublin Dr David Williams | Image: The cranes on the skyline show that the Celtic Tiger has started to re-sharpen its claws. Prior to working on the PARCOUR project my previous research and work experience have...

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All aboard the SS Great Britain

Bristol welcomes the PARCOUR team Dr David Williams | Image: The PARCOUR Team, Bristol October 2016 Following the warm welcome by our Brazilian counterparts in São Paulo earlier this year it was essential that we made sure we returned the favour. This wouldn’t be easy...

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Parcour Leaflet

The PARCOUR Leaflet outlines the research questions, objectives and project phases for the PARCOUR Research project. It is an in depth study taking place in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Brazil in nine districts. Contracts are increasingly used as planning...

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Escape from Brexit Island

PARCOUR heads to São Paulo Dr David Williams | Image: The view from my hotel window on my first day in São Paulo. With the result of the Brexit vote still ringing in our ears the UK PARCOUR team travelled to São Paulo, which provided the perfect opportunity to clear...

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